Excavations and Estuaries

Excavations and Estuaries is the latest of a number of collaborations between myself and the excellent film maker Annabel McCourt. In this film, Annabel does a kind of fly on the wall type documentary about artist Judy Tucker and poet Harriet Tarlo as they create work inspired by the Lincolnshire coast. It is part of a larger landscape project curated by Linda Ingham. My music is used throughout – some of it was commissioned for this film by Linda and, since then, the commissioned work became the starting point for a large piece entitled Nineteen Imaginary Films which I am still writing. There are also extracts of earlier pieces of mine used here.

Vestiges at the 20:21 Gallery in Scunthorpe

Vestiges is a project conceived by Annabel McCourt and myself and grows out of the excellent Heavy and Light installation by Linda Ingham which was commissioned by the NE Lincolnshire Arts Forum. Vestiges is designed to bring multi media art installations to churches. Thanks to an Arts Council grant, we did a short tour of Northern English churches in 2013 – 2014 which was seen by just over 3,000 people. The installation comprised artwork and film by Annabel, music by me, art by Linda Ingham and music by David Lancaster. This is a film of the installation at the 20:21 Gallery in Scunthorpe immediately before we opened the doors to the public. The electronic music is by me and the choral music is by David Lancaster. Having each created our music to ‘leave room’ for the rest of the installation, we were nevertheless pleasantly surprised to hear how well our musics worked together in random combinations, as in this film. A CD with all the Vestiges music is available from the shop.

Vestiges Launch Night

The launch night for the Vestiges project took place in St Mary’s Church in Barton-upon-Humber as part of the 2013 Barton Arts Week. Here is a short film from the launch night


Delphine is an impressive and ambitious art-house short film by Annabel McCourt. Lasting nearly 20 minutes, it tells the story of an eccentric marine biologist – Delphine – who lives near the sea and with whom the sea falls in love! Flash backs towards the end of the film show us glimpses of a younger Delphine and, as the film brings the different threads together, it packs a powerful emotional punch. I am delighted that a generous amount of my music has been included in the soundtrack of this excellent and original short film.

Gold_Blue, Gold and Blue

While making Delphine, Annabel did some underwater filming at The Deep in Hull. She set three extracts of this film to music from my Six Electronic Pieces. Gold_Blue uses Chime Study, Gold uses Industrial Miniature while Blue uses one of the outtakes from the Six Electronic Pieces set entitled String Fragment. I left it out because I felt it wasn’t eventful enough but, combined with film, I think it works as well as the other two.

The Identity Crisis

The Identity Crisis was my second collaboration with Annabel McCourt. It was originally made for the 2007 Meniscus Film Festival where it was premiered. The theme for that year was the [blank] crisis and film makers could add whatever they wished in the blank. Annabel chose identity and used some of her old super 8 footage from an earlier trip of hers to the USA. The film is inspired by – and features – Billy Yellow, a Navajo medicine man who was a personal advisor to John Wayne during the Western filming era in Monument Valley. The film explores the relationship between cultural and physical landscapes in the wake of the tourist and entertainment industries. The film was later features in Linda Ingham’s The Nature of Landscape project and, in this capacity, was on continuous play during the Nature of Landscape exhibition at the Surface Gallery in Nottingham. The soundtrack comprises two of my Six Electronic Pieces, Skyline and Matterplay.


Spooky was my first collaboration with Annabel. It is a short documentary in which Spooky Tinkerbell Fox Unique Starlight Fashion – her name says it all – tells us through art and poetry what it is like to be her and to have Asperger’s Syndrome. Apart from the piano introduction, the whole of my piece Mosaic is used as the soundtrack but also as a structuring device for the film. It won a best documentary award at the Scunthorpe Film festival and was included in an exhibition entitled Boredom, Alienation and Despair at the 20:21 Gallery some years ago.