Links The best of my three composition teachers and a very fine composer in his own right. His Pierrot Lunaire settings - available on the NMC label - are particularly worth checking out. Late Music, in one form or another, has been bringing contemporary music to York since 1984 and is therefore a very important part of the regional cultural infrastructure. The St Hughs Foundation is an important and innovative arts funder for professional artists of all types in the Lincolnshire area. I was fortunate enough to win their award in 2007. Classical record label that released the Songs Now CD in 2012. A gifted film maker equally at home in art house situations and working with some of the hardest-to-reach members of our society. I have worked with her on a number of projects over the years An adventurous small press centered around the diverse interests of writer Colin Wilson. They have published two pieces of writing by me - David Lindsay's Vision and David Bowie: A Sense of Art. Official David Bowie website. The best of the fan run Bowie sites, imho. An excellent website about fantasy writer David Lindsay by the indefatigable Murray Ewing. The youtube channel for Italian alt-rock group malenky Slovos with whom I collaborated recently on their song Matterplay. Their cover of Brian Eno's lovely song By this River is also worth checking out. My wife - the artist Linda Ingham's - website. Linda did the Songs Now CD cover and was part of the Vestiges project. I have also made a number of contributions to her The Nature of Landscape project. Website for the Vestiges project which featured art and film by Annabel McCourt, art by Linda Ingham and music by myself and David Lancaster. Our tour of northern English churches brought us a total audience of just over 3,000. Sounds Lyrical is a project comprising four poets and four composers working together to create and disseminate new songs. The National Centre for Early Music is an important and impressive music venue in York. The Late music concerts took place there for a number of years and, more recently, the Songs Now CD was recorded there. The wikipedia page for writer Colin Wilson. Colin Wilson was one of the original Angry Young Men of the 1950's, a diverse group of mainly working class and self educated writers whose work includes Alan Stillitoe's The Loneliness of the long Distance Runner, John Osborne's Look Back in Anger and Colin Wilson's The Outsider. Colin was kind enough to provide a preface for my David Lindsay's Vision book in 1991. Website for composer David Lancaster with whom I have worked on Vestiges and Sounds Lyrical. The website for Festival8 which will take place in the magical setting of Cabourne Parva from Friday 17th July to Sunday 19th July.