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Update December 2017

The 2018 York Late Music concerts' brochure is now out. I have the following music being performed.

On Saturday 3rd March at 7.30, the Delta Saxophone Quartet perform my Shades 3 plus my arrangements for saxophone quartet of 3 of David Bowie's Berlin instrumentals - Speed of Life, Warzawa and Art Decade. This music is also on their forthcoming CD which will be launched at the concert itself.

On Saturday 7th April at 1pm, the Fairfax Ensemble will premiere my Five Dissimilar Songs and I will also be writing a new piece for the Juice vocal ensemble to be premiered by them on 7th July at 7.30pm.

I have also done some programming for Late Music including a three concert survey of twentieth century piano music. The indefatigable Ian Pace will play all three concerts on Saturday 5th May.

My other programming contribution is the commemoration of the centenary of Debussy's death. James Willshire will give a concert on Saturday 1st September at 7.30pm with no less than ten newly commissioned pieces, including ones from Robin Holloway, Errollyn Wallen, Nicola LeFanu and Ailis ni Riain. All pieces will start with the first minute of so of a selected Debussy solo piano piece and then the composers will audibly take their selected piece away from Debussy's soundworld and into their own. I am delighted at the excitement the various composers have expressed about this idea. I will be contributing a piece myself and, at the moment, I am thinking of using Debussy's The Engulfed Cathedral as my starting point.

Finally, and nothing to do with Late Music, a shout-out for one 'Ardour.' He has done an excellent remix of Matterplay the song I wrote with the Italian indie rock group Malenky Slovos. Ardour's remix can be heard here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDkO7id-uOw Enjoy!

Update March 2017

Three pieces of my music - my song Remember Me and two of my piano miniatures - have been used as the soundtrack for a film that will form part of an art installation called Neverends. The installation opens at the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre on 1st April and runs until 18th June. Then it goes to galleries in Sheffield, Leeds and Barton-upon--Humber. The film with my music will be on continuous play throughout the installation. The other artists involved are Linda Ingham and Judy Tucker plus poet Harriet Tarlo. Our work will be shown alongside works on loan from the Arts Council Collection. All very exciting. Full details on www.farandnearproject.com

My new piano piece Becalmed will be given its first performance by Ian Pace at the Unitarian Church in York on Saturday 6th May at 7.30pm as part of the Late Music Concert Series. The concert will include new works by Howard Skempton and John White who, I am told, will both be there. I am an admirer of these composers so I hope Becalmed holds its own!! Full details at www.latemusic.org

Finally, thanks to the generosity of the Far and Near Project which gave me a heap of spare film footage from their Winter Solstice event, i have been able to make a new video for my An Old Song. It can be seen on the new 'music videos' page of this site.


Update January 2017

Happy New Year.

I have been commissioned to work with artist Linda Ingham on a project called Far and Near, which will be a multi-media art installation and will be on display in galleries in Leeds, Sheffield and Grimsby. More details to follow but a central part of it is collecting memories from members of the public of their departed/absent loved ones for display on a specially commissioned memorial bench in the exhibitions themselves. My role will be to provide music for the film part of the exhibition and I spent a day at the National Centre for Early Music in York last month recording some stuff for the project. For more information on the project - inncluding how to submit your own memories of departed/absent loved ones - please see www.farandnearproject.com

I have updated this website by adding two new videos - Platinum and Did I Dream You. Both were filmed and edited by Sean Martin and Platinum has some additional effects by Robin Garland. I have also updated the works list by adding the names of the pieces I wrote in 2016.

Well, one of my New Year's resolutions is to do monthly updates on this site from now on, so we will see!!

Update - August 2016

The Fairfax Ensemble will be starting a five date tour in October. The details are as follows

  • Thursday 6th October at Ripon Cathedral at 1pm.
  • Friday 21st October at Langwith College, University of York at 6.30pm.
  • Wednesday 2nd November at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery at 1pm
  • Thursday 10th November at Bootham School York at 1pm
  • Tuesday May 16th 2017 at Wakefield Cathedral at 1pm.

The Fairfax Ensemble are Josephine Peach (piano), Amanda Crawley (Soprano) and Edwina Smith (flute).

Admission to the Langwith College gig is £5, the others are free. Some of my songs will be featured in all five concerts and my new piece Two Survivor Songs for flute and soprano will be premiered at at the Langwith College gig and played again in the Bootham School gig. The texts for the Two Survivor Songs are by Kevin McCann and Eamer O'Keeffe. The tour is delivered in partnership with the Sounds Lyrical Project who secured funding from the RVW Trust to make the tour possible. Full details of all five concerts can be found on the Sounds lyrical website - www.soundslyricalproject.org.uk.


Update - June 2016

i have two confirmed performances coming up on August 6th at the Late Music Concert series, Unitarian church, St Saviourgate, York. They are my Eight Piano Miniatures in the lunchtime recital by Duncan Honeybourne at 1pm and my latest piece - commissioned by Late Music as a David Bowie tribute - entitled Bye Bye Spaceboy. That will be premiered in the evening concert by the Late Music Ensemble under James Whittle. Full details at www.latemusic.org

Malenky Slovos - the italian indie rock group - have just released their excellent first album - Mood Swings - and it includes Matterplay, the song I wrote in collaboration with them. For more information about the album, please visit their website - www.malenkyslovos.com - and the official video for the Matterplay track is on the film and video page of this site.

Finally, the Fairfax Ensemble will be doing a short Northern England tour in the autumn including a new work by me and a couple of existing songs. More details to follow.

Sorry, but no further updates on the CD's mentioned in the February update. Hope to have more on this soon


Update - February 2016

My new piece Forever will be premiered on Saturday 27th February at the Unitarian Church, St Saviourgate, York by christopher O'Gorman (tenor) with Mark Hutchinson (piano). Tickets are £3. The concert starts at 1pm and is part of the Late Music Concert Series. Full details at www.latemusic.org,

Sounds Lyrical - the composers and poets group that I am part of - did a 90 minute radio show on East Leeds FM Radio last week including several of my songs. It went extremely well. The full broadcast can be heard here - http://www.chapelfm.co.uk/listen-again/love-the-words-feb/

Finally, I have been doing quite a bit of recording recently - 18 songs and my piano miniatures - for a couple of forthcoming CD's. More details to follow.

Update - September 2015

Quite a bit happening and coming up. First three of my pieces - with excellent new videos by Sean Martin - are on continuous play as part of the Shifting Images exhibition at the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre from now till March 2016. They are Did I Dream You? (text by Carolyn Doyley), Mosaic and Platinum. I will add the videos to this site just as soon as I can.

My new choir piece - Two Tarlo Settings - will be given its first performance by the Ebor Singers on Saturday 3rd October at 7.30 pm at the Unitarian Church, St Saviourgate, York as part of the Late Music concert series. Full details - www.latemusic.org and also please check out their blog section as I am their composer of the month and have given them an interview about the new piece.

Finally, last year the Italian indie rock group Malenky Slovos used my electronic intrumental track Matterplay as the basis for a new song of their own, also called Matterplay. They had some issues when it came to mixing this track so they enlisted the help of professional producer, Mike Senior. Mike was so intrigued by the challenges this brought that he has written a six page article on how he did this mix and it is published in the September edition of the prestigious Sound on Sound magazine under the title Mix Rescue: Matterplay. It is a fascinating - if somewhat technical - read. 

Update June 2015

Well, I suppose the first update is this website itself. Please explore, look, listen and enjoy!

My next project on the horizon is a contribution to Festival8. Festival8 is a boutique festival of the senses taking place in the magical setting of Cabourne Parva from Friday 17th - Sunday 19th July. My contribution will be a new mix of mine and David Lancaster's Double Vestiges piece which will be on continuous play in the woodland area throughout the Festival.

After that, I will be contributing music and video to the Shifting Subjects exhibition at the Fishing Heritage centre in Grimsby. Hopefully, I will have more about that in my end of July update.