Photo of MeDavid Power was born in London in 1962 but spent most of his childhood in York. His initial interest was rock music. However, the electronic instrumentals on David Bowie’s ‘Berlin’ albums led him to become increasingly interested in more experimental music and, in due course, he discovered the music of composers such Boulez and Stockhausen. This prompted a change in direction. He studied composition with Richard Steinitz, Steve Ingham and Roger Marsh.

In the late 1990's - following a difficult period compositionally - he wrote Eight Miniatures for Piano and these saw him adopt a simpler and more direct tone in his music which continues to this day. Much of his music prior to the Miniatures has now been withdrawn.

His work has been performed throughout the UK and, from time to time, in Europe and the USA. It has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and national networks in Austria, Hong Kong and the Republic of Ireland. His work appears on one LP and seven CDs including the Delta Saxophone Quartet's Bowie, Berlin and Beyond and Duncan Honeybourne's One Hundred Years of British Piano Miniatures. . This latter CD was the subject of a 45 minute documentary on Austria's main classical music network and is included in the suggested further listening section of TV presenter and Guardian journalist Paul Morley's book, 'A Sound Mind'. However his biggest success to date is online. His Piano Miniature No 2 has secured nearly two million streams worldwide and is the Naxos Grand piano label's fifth most spotify streamed track of all time. A long way behind - but catching up! - is his Piano Miniature No 4 which has secured nearly 400,000 streams on spotify to date.

His 'Seven Afterthoughts' appears on Duncan Honeybourne's 'Penllyn' CD . Last September, '29 Songs 1985 - 2016' was released on the Prima Facie label and is the first CD devoted entirely to his music.