Don't Touch

Video for my song Don't Touch by Linda Ingham.

Kinds of White

This video is by Linda Ingham for my song Kinds of White performed by Paul Carey-Jones and Ian Ryan. Text by Ana Eulate translated by Alan Dunnett.


This video is by Sean Martin for my cello and piano piece, Mosaic. Performed here by members of the PM Music Ensemble.


This video is for my song Someone from the Peacock Pie song cycle. The words are Walter de la Mare and it is performed by Robert Rice (baritone) with William Vann (piano). The video was filmed and edited by Sean Atkinson.

An Old Song

This video uses footage filmed at the Far and Near project's winter solstice event in Cleethorpes.


This Video was filmed by Sean Martin with additional effects by Robin Garland and inspired by Magritte's "Empire of Light" series of paintings

Did i Dream You

This Video was filmed by Sean Martin for my song "Did i Dream You" from my "Eight Evening Songs"

Matterplay video by Malenky Slovos

I first came across Italian alt-rock group Malenky Slovos when they posted a link to their cover version of Brian Eno’s lovely song By this River on Bowiewonderworld. I told them how impressed I was by it and gradually the idea of a collaboration emerged. They used my electronic instrumental track Matterplay as the basis of a new song by them – also called Matterplay.

Study for a Video for The Waiting.

The more I developed my thinking about the various ways words and music could interact and co-exist with each other in songs, the more intrigued I became by the possibility of adding yet another layer of meaning to the song by making a video. In the end, I made this study myself. I am not a film maker and I would be the first to admit that the results are amateurish and ragged around the edges. Nevertheless, I learned a lot by doing this, lessons which will stand me I good stead when I come to negotiate with professional film makers over new videos. Perhaps this video itself is not entirely without merit? Perhaps. . . . .